A library is so much more than meets the eye….
You’re often not aware of it, but when you enter a library all your five senses are involved in perceiving the environment. Each sense - sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste - affects how you react to the different spaces and how you interpret the atmosphere and the activities that take place there. Knowing this, wouldn’t it be great if we could design a library that appeals to all senses? A library that provokes emotional responses in people by using a multi-sensory approach?

What we want
We are Joyce, Rob and Les, two librarians and an educational advisor who have considerable experience in developing libraries. Fascinated by the idea of a multi-sensory approach, the three of us decided to become librarians of the senses and set up this website. Our aim is to develop a new concept, the immersive library, where the combination of all the senses together gives people a more comprehensive and profound experience.

What we need
We’ve been collecting information and ideas about this subject for some time now and will continue our exploration by interviewing designers and other experts. Our aim is to develop a wonderful book about the immersive library. Through this website we will share our research, but we definitely need your input as well. That's why we want this to be a platform for librarians, architects, designers and others who are interested in this subject. We cordially invite all of you to share knowledge, ideas, examples and experiences.
Let’s make sense of the library of senses together.