Public Library (LocHal) Tilburg (Nl)

Textiles LocHal Tilburg by Inside Outside from Frans Parthesius on Vimeo.

Together with the architects of Civic, the restoration experts Braaksma & Roos Architects and Arup engineers Inside Outside has, after winning the competition in 2015, developed since 2016 an indoor landscape for this rugged industrial space where a variety of study and exhibition spaces, workshops, offices, style rooms and gardens can be accommodated within the library building. Six large-scale textile fabrics define spaces, create rooms, accentuate the scale of the building, provide privacy and improve acoustics. In total 4125 m2 of woven solid and transparent cloths were developed with the TextielLab. Due to the large scale and complexity of the canvases, four production companies were involved in this project: Seilemaaker, Theatex, Gerriets and Levtec; in addition to seven yarn experts.
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